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Aventra IRON delivers a level of performance akin to bare-metal systems, serving tens of thousands of cloud-based database-as-a-service customers through our innovative IRON technology. This technology, currently under patent review, has a proven track record of years in active use. Now, you have the opportunity to harness its unique capabilities through an AWS-AMI, suitable for a wide range of EC2 workloads. This not only significantly enhances instance productivity in a cost-effective manner but also guarantees data persistence and high availability. Importantly, you can explore these improvements without any upfront costs by trying the Aventra Optimizer, which offers a 14-Day Free Trial. To discover more EC2 Optimizers, simply search for Aventra.

EC2 empowers you to fine-tune your resource allocation to precisely match the demands of your specific workloads by providing a variety of instance sizes across most EC2 instance families. Aventra IRON amplifies these capabilities with its unique high-availability, redundant, in-memory technology. Consequently, your workloads are now processed as closely to the compute power as possible, all while safeguarding against disruptions in RAM storage. This enables you to leverage the processing power of larger instances, even when utilizing smaller ones.

Aventra IRON is purposefully designed to excel in scenarios involving sustained workloads. It is particularly well-suited for applications that contend with simultaneous processing requirements, experience heavy user traffic, or heavily rely on shared resources. However, you don’t need to take our word for it—evaluate Aventra IRON and compare the before-and-after workload metrics of your web servers, data processing, and application servers to experience the improvements firsthand.