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Aventra IRON offers high-performance capabilities to numerous cloud-based database-as-a-service customers using its proprietary IRON technology, a well-established innovation. Now, you can harness this unique technology as an AWS-AMI for various EC2 workloads, enhancing instance productivity cost-effectively while ensuring data persistence and availability. Discover the potential improvements in workload productivity with a 14-Day Free Trial of the Aventra Optimizer and explore other EC2 Optimizers within the Aventra suite.

EC2 empowers you to tailor your resources to meet the demands of your target workloads by offering different instance sizes across most EC2 instance families. Aventra IRON enhances these capabilities with its distinctive, high-availability, redundant, in-memory technology. This technology allows your workloads to be processed as close to the compute power as possible while maintaining data integrity in RAM storage. With Aventra IRON, you can unlock the processing potential of larger instances, even when using smaller ones.

Aventra IRON is purpose-built for sustained workloads characterized by concurrent processing needs, the impact of heavy user traffic, or intensive resource sharing. To gauge its impact, evaluate Aventra IRON and compare workload metrics before and after implementation, focusing on web servers, data processing, and application servers.