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This represents a modified open-source software product with additional charges for supplementary services.

ArchiveBox is a powerful, self-hosted internet archiving solution designed for collecting, preserving, and offline viewing of websites.

What benefits does the archivebox deployment offer over the standard community edition?

User-Friendly Dashboard: The included CLI and Dashboard streamline archivebox management, providing comprehensive control over your archivebox application. From configuring custom domains to monitoring your archivebox instance, these tools simplify the process. To register for the dashboard, use the command in your instance’s terminal: “# register.”

Efficient Deployment: The solution offered here ensures archivebox deployment in less than 5 minutes. You can observe the simplicity in the attached video.

Enhanced Security Measures: Security enhancements include industry best practices, built-in SSL, secure access, and guidelines for routine image updates, boosting application safety through regular scans and updates.

Optional Premium Support: This deployment comes with an optional, cost-effective support package, which includes assistance with cloud integration and access to expert community insights as valuable additional services.