An IIHT Company

“The ARC Analysis Server AMI offers businesses the ability to conduct comprehensive accessibility testing for their websites, allowing them to proactively address accessibility issues before deploying to production environments. Whether you require on-demand accessibility analysis or seamless integration into your CI/CD pipelines, our AMI streamlines these processes.

Utilizing the same powerful accessibility testing engine as the ARC Platform, subscribers can deploy their instances of the ARC Analysis Server within private VPCs. These instances provide an API endpoint for straightforward webpage accessibility testing. Simply submit an analysis request to an instance, and you’ll receive an accessibility issue report in JSON format. This easy-to-use request/response model seamlessly fits into CI/CD pipelines. The AMI can assess webpages within both public and private networks, with AWS security groups, roles, and permissions easily configurable to meet your environment’s requirements.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to integrate your instances with the ARC platform, expanding ARC Monitoring services and APIs to cover secure application environments. It’s important to note that an ARC account is not required to utilize our AMI.”