An IIHT Company

“The Aqtra Platform is a robust, enterprise-level, low-code application development solution designed to streamline the creation of software products quickly and reliably. It places a strong emphasis on quality and fault tolerance while providing a comprehensive toolkit that aligns seamlessly with agile methodologies and DevOps principles.

The Aqtra Platform serves users in three primary ways:

Corporate Systems and Applications: Organizations can rapidly bring their business automation ideas to life using the platform. It facilitates the integration of diverse systems, empowering employees and optimizing operational efficiency.

Customer Applications, Portals, and Systems: Users can effortlessly build web portals and mobile applications for their clients with the Aqtra Platform. These applications are renowned for their robustness, speed, security, and scalability. They offer an array of features and flexible integration options with both internal and external systems.

Core Systems and End-to-End Automation: This platform offers limitless scalability, enabling the creation of an unlimited number of systems and applications for any user base. It ensures that all critical business functions are incorporated into the final product, providing flexibility for tailoring automation solutions to specific requirements. In contrast to traditional development approaches, the Aqtra Platform promotes adaptability, swift development, and customization.

Development within the Aqtra Platform takes place in a unified, powerful environment. The process involves approximately 80% configuration using microservices-based components, while the remaining 20% focuses on programming for non-traditional business logic. Tasks related to configuring publishing models, user profiles, and CSS are conveniently handled within the integrated development environment known as Aqtra Studio. The platform’s development philosophy centers on business intelligence, reducing the necessity for extensive coding.