An IIHT Company

“The Enterprise Low-Code Application Development Platform offers a powerful solution for rapidly creating high-quality and fault-tolerant software products. It equips users with a comprehensive toolkit that embraces agile and DevOps methodologies, delivering flexibility across three main usage modes:

Corporate Systems and Applications: This mode empowers businesses to swiftly implement automation solutions, bridging gaps, and unifying disparate systems. It enhances efficiency and empowers employees by enabling the creation of tailored systems.

Customer Applications, Portals, and Systems: Building web portals and mobile applications for clients is simplified, ensuring security, scalability, and rich feature sets. The platform supports easy integration with internal or external systems, fostering innovation and flexibility in working with partners.

Core Systems and End-to-End Automation: Scalability is at the forefront, allowing for the creation of numerous systems and applications tailored to user needs. It accommodates critical business functions while maintaining agility and adaptability, all at a reduced cost compared to traditional development approaches.

The platform streamlines the development of corporate applications, ensuring predictability in terms of timelines and cost-effectiveness. It simplifies the transition from concept to production, reducing reliance on extensive development teams.

Development within a unified environment is the cornerstone of the platform, emphasizing configuration using microservices-based components, which constitutes around 80% of the process. The remaining 20% involves programming for non-standard business logic. Configuration tasks, such as defining publishing models, user profiles, and CSS, are efficiently performed within the integrated development environment.

This approach prioritizes business intelligence and minimizes the need for extensive coding, offering a streamlined path to software product development.”