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“This enterprise-level RPA solution is widely acknowledged for its excellence in the market. It enables swift and uncomplicated automation across both Windows environments and web browsers, encompassing a broad spectrum of tasks. These tasks range from routine and repetitive chores like report generation to the comprehensive automation of complex business processes. This RPA solution consistently delivers remarkable returns on investment, often surpassing a tenfold increase.

Key Features:

Vision-Driven Automation: This solution replicates human actions on the screen, effectively ‘seeing’ images and executing tasks such as clicking, dragging-and-dropping, and typing. It seamlessly interacts with Java applications and virtualized Citrix apps.
In-Built Optical Character Recognition (OCR): This solution offers OCR functionality independently, without relying on cloud services. It supports over 28 languages and enables the conversion of images into searchable PDFs.
Machine Learning Predictions: You can harness machine learning predictions to enhance automation precision.
Seamless Web Browser Automation: This solution seamlessly integrates with Selenium, providing precise control over web browser automation.
Programming Flexibility: Users have the option to choose from various programming languages, including Python, VBScript, C#, and VB, according to their preference for compiled code.
Unlimited Bots: Run an unrestricted number of bots without incurring per-bot charges.
Simplifying the RPA process, the AppRobotic Designer breaks it down into three straightforward steps:

Launch the application(s) you intend to automate.
Easily ‘Attach’ to your application(s) and their UI elements (buttons, fields, tables, etc.) using their Name/ID properties. These properties can be conveniently identified using AppRobotic’s UI Item Explorer.
Interact with the application or UI elements by intuitively dragging and dropping actions within AppRobotic Designer.”