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“This offering is a rebranded open-source software package, which includes an additional charge for support and the convenience of delivering it as a readily deployable Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

ZooKeeper plays a crucial role as a distributed coordination service, simplifying the management of a large number of hosts. It excels in providing highly reliable distributed coordination and acts as a centralized platform for handling configuration data, naming, enabling distributed synchronization, and offering group services. With ZooKeeper, developers can focus on their core application logic without being encumbered by the complexities of distributed applications.

We’ve carefully packaged and enhanced the ZooKeeper solution to provide our customers with a seamless experience. Subscribing to this offering from the marketplace is all it takes to start using ZooKeeper—there’s no need for complex setup. ZooKeeper offers an intuitive user interface and a suite of services that streamline the process of distributed coordination.”