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CentOS Stream 9 Server LAMP Stack

This CentOS Stream 9 Server package offers a LAMP stack, which consists of the Apache Web Server, PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin.

The Apache Web Server included in this solution already has phpMyAdmin installed, simplifying database administration through a user-friendly web-based interface. This interface provides you with the tools to easily manage databases, tables, columns, relations, indexes, users, permissions, and more.

Additionally, the pre-installed MySQL Community edition provides you with a robust toolkit for developing and managing MySQL-based applications on your CentOS Server, crucial for your business needs.

Key Features of the Apache Web Server:

Apache Web Server
Included Apache Modules: Mod_wsgi, Mod_Security
Utilizes PHP Language
Additional PHP Extensions: Apcu, Redis, Mongodb, Libsodium, Swoole
KodExplorer (Web-based file manager)
MySQL Server
MySQL Shell
MySQL Client
A comprehensive LAMP stack”