An IIHT Company

“This product signifies a restructured open-source software solution, with supplemental charges applicable for operating system maintenance and services.

The Apache HTTP server boasts a substantial legacy, powering countless websites across diverse domains and earning its reputation as one of the most renowned open-source applications. The associated Amazon Machine Image (AMI) seamlessly integrates the latest Apache HTTP server software into the selected Linux distribution, fortified with the most recent OS patches. Any instance generated from this AMI is promptly prepared for integration into a cluster or for further customization.

A diverse array of software applications is provided, encompassing WordPress, Jenkins, various databases, the LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps tools, and monitoring solutions—all of which enjoy extensive adoption among system administrators and DevOps professionals. Furthermore, for specific Linux distributions, fortified images aligned with CIS benchmark standards are available. Importantly, the AMIs adhere to meticulous crafting following official installation procedures, alleviating the need for users to acquire expertise in specialized configurations when additional setup tasks arise. However, please take note of the additional charges associated with OS maintenance and services.”