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“The Apache HTTP server boasts an impressive track record, powering a multitude of websites across various domains and solidifying its place as one of the most renowned open-source applications. The associated Amazon Machine Image (AMI) seamlessly incorporates the latest Apache HTTP server software into the chosen Linux distribution, fortified with the most up-to-date OS patches. Any instance created from this AMI is immediately primed for integration into a cluster or for further customization.

Moreover, this AMI comes equipped with PHP and its associated modules, including MySQL client modules, empowering PHP applications to establish secure remote connections with MySQL-compatible databases, such as AWS RDS Aurora and MariaDB. In cases where a locally hosted database is necessary, it’s advisable to consider an alternative AMI, such as the LAMP stack AMI. Additionally, this AMI is for Ansible, simplifying the management of instances spawned from it.

A wide range of software applications is available, including WordPress, Jenkins, diverse databases, the LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps tools, and monitoring solutions—all of which enjoy broad adoption among system administrators and DevOps professionals. Furthermore, for specific Linux distributions, robust images aligned with CIS benchmark standards are provided. It’s crucial to note that the AMIs are meticulously crafted following official installation procedures, sparing users from the need to learn specialized configurations when additional setup tasks are required.