An IIHT Company

“This product includes charges for seller support. The Apache HTTP server, renowned for its role in hosting millions of diverse websites, is a leading open-source application. The provided Amazon Machine Image (AMI) seamlessly integrates the latest Apache HTTP server software into the specified Linux distribution, complemented by the most recent OS patches. Any node created from this AMI is immediately ready for cluster integration or further customization.

Additionally, the AMI comes with PHP and its accompanying modules, including MySQL client modules, empowering PHP applications to securely connect with MySQL-compatible databases like AWS RDS Aurora and MariaDB. If the need for a local database arises, it’s advisable to consider an alternative AMI, such as the LAMP stack, provided by the same seller. Furthermore, the AMI arrives for effortless compatibility with Ansible, simplifying the management of nodes created from it.

This AMI bundles the Apache Web server with the supporting components of the LAMP stack, streamlining the rapid deployment of web applications, and is backed by seller support.

A diverse selection of software applications is offered, encompassing WordPress, Jenkins, various databases, the LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps tools, and monitoring solutions—all widely adopted by system administrators and DevOps engineers. For select Linux distributions, the seller provides fortified images aligned with CIS benchmark standards. It’s important to note that the seller’s AMIs strictly adhere to official installation procedures, relieving users from the need to acquaint themselves with custom configurations when additional setup tasks are necessary.”