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This repackaged open source Stack incurs additional charges for pre-configuration. Apache Tomcat, an open-source servlet container, serves as a web server, providing a Java HTTP environment for Java code, facilitating the execution of Java Server Pages and Servlets for web applications. It supports the smooth installation of Java specifications’ APIs, websites, JSP, and servlets. It’s compatible not only with Apache but also with Microsoft Internet Information and Microsoft Personal Web servers.

Tomcat is an essential part of the Jakarta EE platform, serving as an implementation for web specifications like Servlet, WebSocket, Expression Language, Annotations, and Authentication.


Handles Static and Dynamic Pages: Tomcat manages both static (HTML) and dynamic (Servlet and JSP) pages.
Memory Leak Detection: It detects and prevents memory leaks, particularly useful in development environments to save redeployment time.
Greater Control and Sharing: Tomcat offers extensive control by monitoring low-level I/O data for asynchronous communication and allows configurable injectable thread pools for sharing among applications.