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“ShardingSphere-Proxy is a versatile database proxy compatible with both MySQL and PostgreSQL. It functions as a distributed database server, offering a range of capabilities including data sharding, distributed transactions, read/write splitting, high availability, query federation, and more.

Key features of ShardingSphere-Proxy include:

Data Sharding: Enables horizontal scaling of computing and storage for distributed databases.
Distributed Transactions: Ensures high availability for your distributed database cluster, both through Kubernetes Operator and native data source HA.
Read/Write Splitting: Provides a secure and cost-effective data encryption solution with complete transparency.
High Availability: Ensures data availability and reliability.
Data Migration: Supports seamless data movement.
Query Federation: Facilitates unified query processing across distributed data sources.
Data Encryption: Enhances data security.
Shadow Database: Offers additional functionality for various use cases.
ShardingSphere-Proxy is compatible with MySQL-based databases like MariaDB and PostgreSQL-based databases such as openGauss. It can be seamlessly integrated with any client that supports MySQL/PostgreSQL protocols, including tools like MySQL Command Client and MySQL Workbench.”