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“Apache APISIX comprises three core components: the data plane, control plane, and intelligent plane.

Data plane: Leveraging Lua and Nginx, the data plane provides dynamic control over request traffic, allowing for a variety of traffic processing tasks through a plug-in system. This includes functions such as request and speed limiting, logging, security detection, and fault injection. Users also have the flexibility to create custom plug-ins to extend the capabilities of the data plane.

Control plane: The control plane utilizes etcd to store and synchronize the gateway’s configuration data. Administrators can communicate with all data plane processors in milliseconds through the admin API or dashboard. Additionally, etcd ensures high system availability.

Intelligent plane: Developers can use Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) to orchestrate plug-ins and employ decision trees for real-time analysis and processing of request traffic.

APISIX offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the security and speed of critical business traffic. It includes features like dynamic routing, dynamic upstream management, dynamic certificate handling, A/B testing, canary releases (gray releases), blue-green deployments, request and speed rate limiting, and protection against malicious attacks. It also provides monitoring and alerting capabilities, service observability, and service governance.

APISIX boasts a thriving community and developer ecosystem, supported by a rich collection of 40 plugins. These plugins enable seamless integration with various external systems, including Apache SkyWalking, Zipkin, etcd, Consul, Nacos, Eureka, Auth0, Okta, Prometheus, Datadog, and more, facilitating data processing and analysis.”