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The AMD Xilinx Video SDK is a comprehensive software stack designed to enable users to effortlessly harness the hardware-accelerated capabilities of AMD Xilinx video codecs. This versatile solution empowers real-time transcoding at high density, making it an ideal choice for live streaming video service providers, OEMs, and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Included within the AMD Xilinx Video SDK is a pre-compiled version of both FFmpeg and GStreamer, thoughtfully integrated with essential video transcoding plug-ins. This integration simplifies the offloading of computationally intensive tasks, such as video decoding, scaling, and encoding, using these widely recognized and popular tools.

Furthermore, the AMD Xilinx Video SDK offers a C-based application programming interface (API) that streamlines the seamless integration of AMD-Xilinx video codec transcoding capabilities into proprietary frameworks. This flexible API enables developers to incorporate hardware acceleration into their applications and solutions with ease.