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Gartner’s forecasts anticipate a significant surge in ransomware attacks, with a projected increase of 700%. It’s expected that at least 75% of IT organizations will encounter one or more of these attacks. The question arises: how can you safeguard your data against ransomware threats?

Distributor bastion firewall plays a pivotal role in fortifying your security defenses within a zero trust architecture (ZTA) framework. The introduction of ADD (Attacker Details Dataset) brings a distinctive cloud bastion host firewall into the equation, offering an invaluable, actionable, and sustainable approach to safeguarding both commercial and government data. By leveraging the cloud bastion firewall in conjunction with a unique block list, you gain the ability to limit access from potentially threatening IPs associated with malicious actors. This proactive approach enhances cloud security posture management (CSPM) within the realm of zero trust architecture (ZTA).