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AL2023 isn’t just powerful; it’s also user-friendly. With its preconfigured setup, you’re ready to go right from the start, saving you valuable time and effort. Plus, there’s no need to worry about stumbling along the way – our 24/7 technical support, provided by BC, ensures you have expert guidance at your fingertips, making your journey with Amazon Linux 2023 seamless and confident.

Allow us to introduce Amazon Linux 2023 (AL2023), our cutting-edge Linux-based OS designed specifically for AWS. It delivers a secure, robust, and high-performance environment for nurturing and deploying your cloud applications. AL2023 seamlessly integrates with various AWS services and developer tools, showcasing its capabilities, especially on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Graviton-based instances. The best part? It includes AWS Support without any additional licensing costs. Embracing AL2023 opens up a new chapter, with a major Amazon Linux release every 2 years. This regular cadence ensures predictability, along with up to 5 years of support, empowering your upgrade strategy.