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NICE DCV stands as a high-performance remote streaming protocol that empowers users to securely access remote desktop or application sessions, including those running 3D graphics applications hosted on servers equipped with high-performance GPUs.

NICE DCV offers a broad spectrum of client devices to end users, encompassing native clients tailored for Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems. Native clients extend their support to up to 4 monitors, each capable of displaying 4K resolution. The Windows client goes a step further by enabling USB redirection for 3D mice and USB storage devices. Furthermore, NICE DCV assists customers seeking remote Linux desktop solutions by optimizing session costs, allowing multiple concurrent full-performance 3D Linux sessions to run on a single high-performance GPU server.

The NICE DCV Amazon Linux 2 Desktop variant is engineered to provide top-tier remote 3D access, catering to applications like HPC pre- and post-processing. It includes support for remote USB devices and facilitates seamless file transfers. NVIDIA drivers come pre-installed to ensure an optimal remote 3D experience.

Within the AWS ecosystem, NICE DCV serves as the streaming protocol utilized by various services, including Nimble Studio, Amazon Appstream 2.0, and AWS RoboMaker.