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Version 2.5 of the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) includes an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for EKS version 1.22. This AMI comes with FCG PCI Compliance Reporting and Falco Container Security features.

Key highlights of this version include:

Automatic nightly uploads of reports to an S3 Bucket.
Support for reading configurations from various sources such as EC2_TAG, Secrets, or OS ENV.
EC2 instances require an Instance Profile with AWS Secrets Manager read access to ‘fcg/config’ and write access to the designated S3 Bucket.
Example policies are available from support and will be posted on GitHub.
SECRETS_PATH configuration is in JSON format with a Key-Value pair specifying the S3_BUCKET as {“”S3_BUCKET””:””BUCKET_NAME””}.
A TAG, ‘fcg_s3bucket,’ is used to identify the S3 Bucket.