An IIHT Company

“Altair RapidMiner AI Hub expands the capabilities of the Altair RapidMiner platform by incorporating enterprise-wide collaboration, decision automation, deployment, and management. It serves as a bridge that connects individuals, workflows, and systems, ensuring that AI solutions deliver tangible business benefits.

With Altair RapidMiner AI Hub, people of all skill levels can collaborate effectively and develop AI solutions. It facilitates the sharing, reuse, and deployment of models and processes within a project-centric, version-controlled, centralized environment, thereby enhancing collaboration and governance. The platform streamlines essential tasks, such as model retraining, data preparation, cleansing, and continuous scoring. It also accelerates predictive model creation and enables the concurrent execution of hundreds of models. Furthermore, Altair RapidMiner AI Hub offers seamless integration of analytical insights into business processes and applications through a wide range of interactive dashboards, connectors, BI integration, and web-service APIs.”