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AlmaLinux OS stands as an open-source Linux operating system, fully compatible with RHEL. Its development arose from the void left by the discontinuation of CentOS Linux. This Linux distribution is suggested as an option for former CentOS customers looking to transition, alongside Rocky Linux.

The Linux operating system Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) released here are regularly patched and kept up-to-date at the time of release, with quarterly updates. These production-grade AMIs are well-suited for use in automated provisioning processes, such as within an autoscale group, eliminating the need for manual patching and associated delays.

Building upon this foundational operating system release, this has introduced software applications. These applications encompass a range of tools, including WordPress, Jenkins, various databases, LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps utilities, and monitoring applications. These are widely utilized by both system administrators and DevOps engineers. Additionally, for selected Linux distributions, hardened images aligned with the CIS benchmark are available.