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The AllegroGraph Free Edition serves as the fundamental framework for building scalable Enterprise Knowledge Graphs.

It’s a multi-modal Graph and Document database, offering versatility in data management. Notably, AllegroGraph Free Edition boasts superior database security designed to safeguard highly sensitive data within the adaptable environment of a graph/document database. This innovative security feature empowers users to meet the stringent security demands of critical data environments, including HIPAA access controls, banking privacy regulations, and security protocols for law enforcement, intelligence, and government sectors.

AllegroGraph’s Triple Attribute Security is a user-friendly and highly expressive security mechanism that outperforms security methods commonly found in relational databases or property graph databases, all while ensuring optimal performance.

Moreover, AllegroGraph Free Edition enhances the document database model by introducing support for JSON-LD. JSON-LD facilitates the creation of a network of machine-readable data, enabling seamless integration of Knowledge Graphs across data silos, promoting data interoperability, and fostering a more connected data ecosystem.