An IIHT Company

The “Alfred Series: IOTA Accelerator” is a software tool tailored for corporate use, enabling the establishment of Proof-of-Existence (PoE) for data integrity. In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the legitimacy and verification of data can be a resource-intensive and time-consuming endeavor. Data often traverses various hands, introducing the risk of errors and complicating the verification process.

To illustrate, consider the HR department’s need to authenticate the academic records of numerous job applicants. This necessitates HR personnel contacting each academic institution individually to confirm records, assuming these institutions are willing to share former students’ personal information. This process can be both time-consuming and costly. Likewise, envision scenarios where multiple environmental sensors concurrently amass extensive research data. How can one guarantee the authenticity of the data source and the accuracy of the recorded information? These are just a couple of instances where challenges can be addressed, reinforced, or enhanced by utilizing the user-friendly BiiLabs Alfred API.

By harnessing distributed ledger technology, the Alfred API facilitates the real-time recording of personal or corporate Internet of Things (IoT) data onto the IOTA Tangle. This recorded “Claim” or Proof-of-Existence data is permanently logged in distributed ledgers.

The collaboration between BiiLabs and AWS has initiated a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) marketing and operational model. AWS customers can leverage the AWS IoT service to efficiently deploy and manage groups of simple devices at a modest hourly or monthly cost.