An IIHT Company

Elyxia Global Limited presents a comprehensive solution featuring a and fortified Akaunting 2.1 image on Alma Linux, a dependable CentOS alternative. This package, ready for immediate use, encompasses a repackaged open-source software product, with any associated charges clearly outlined in the pricing details, ensuring a fully configured stack for your convenience.

Akaunting stands as an open-source accounting software solution tailored for small businesses to efficiently manage their finances and maintain control over their cash flow. This versatile software simplifies tasks such as invoicing, online payment processing, and expense tracking.

Akaunting is constructed using contemporary technologies, including Laravel, VueJS, Bootstrap 4, and a RESTful API. Pre-packaged within this Amazon Machine Image (AMI) are the following components:

Akaunting 2.1+
MariaDB 10.4
Php 7.4
Apache Web Server
URL Rewrite (mod_rewrite for Apache)
In essence, this offering provides a hassle-free and secure solution for financial management, leveraging Akaunting’s capabilities, and is easily accessible on an Alma Linux base, guaranteeing a dependable alternative to CentOS.