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This software stack is a and fully integrated package, consisting of the following key components:

TensorFlow: An open-source software library for machine learning.
Python Programming Language: The primary language for machine learning development.
This stack provides a robust and well-tested execution environment, suitable for various tasks such as training machine learning models, performing inference, or serving as an API service. It seamlessly integrates into continuous integration and deployment workflows, facilitating software development and deployment processes.

Designed to excel in both short and long-duration high-performance tasks, this stack is optimized for utilization on NVidia Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). It comes with the following additional components:

CUDA: This parallel computing platform and API model enhance the stack’s capacity for harnessing the processing power of NVidia GPUs.
cuDNN: An integral part of the stack, cuDNN is a GPU-accelerated library featuring primitives tailored for deep neural networks.
NVidia Drivers: To ensure efficient GPU utilization, the stack includes NVidia drivers.
Development Preset: For ease of development, it provides preconfigured settings and essential program development and building tools, including a C compiler and the make utility.
In summary, this integrated software stack is a powerful and comprehensive solution for machine learning and high-performance computing tasks. It offers stability, ease of integration, and GPU optimization, making it an ideal choice for various machine learning and deep learning applications.