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This and fully integrated minimal runtime environment is tailored for machine learning and data science tasks. It includes a powerful combination of open-source tools and libraries, making it a versatile environment for various programming and computational tasks.

The stack features TensorFlow, a renowned open-source machine learning library, along with Keras, an open-source neural network library. These libraries enable users to work on a wide range of machine learning and deep learning projects.

For interactive programming, mathematics, and data science tasks, the stack includes Jupyter Notebook, a popular browser-based interactive environment, and the Python programming language. These components make it easy to create, experiment with, and share data-driven projects.

One of the standout features of this stack is its optimization for CPU-based processing. It is built with the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) and MKL-DNN libraries, which enhance its performance on CPU architectures. This optimization ensures efficient execution of machine learning and data science workloads on CPU.

Additionally, the stack comes with a Development preset and essential program development and building tools, including a C compiler and make utility. This makes it a comprehensive environment for both developing and running machine learning and data science projects on CPU.

Whether you’re a data scientist, machine learning engineer, or developer, this environment offers the tools and optimization needed for productive and efficient work on CPU-based machine learning and data science tasks.