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“This is a and fully integrated software stack featuring TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning library, along with the Python programming language. It offers a robust and thoroughly tested execution environment suitable for a variety of tasks, including training, inference, and serving as an API service.

Our stack is optimized to deliver high-performance results for both short and long-running operations, making it a versatile choice for various machine learning applications. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates into continuous integration and deployment workflows, streamlining the development and deployment processes.

Key highlights of this stack include:

Utilization of Intel MKL and MKL-DNN libraries, ensuring efficient CPU-based execution.
Inclusion of development presets and essential programming tools such as a C compiler and make, simplifying program development and building.
Whether you’re working on machine learning models, deep learning projects, or AI applications, our stack provides a dependable and optimized environment to support your endeavors.”