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This is a and fully integrated minimal runtime environment featuring several components for machine learning and data science tasks. It includes TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning library, Keras, an open-source neural network library, Jupyter Notebook, a browser-based interactive environment for programming and data analysis, and the Python programming language.

Key features of this stack are as follows:

TensorFlow: A popular open-source library for machine learning and deep learning tasks.
Keras: An open-source neural network library that provides a high-level interface to TensorFlow and other backend engines.
Jupyter Notebook: A browser-based interactive notebook environment for programming, mathematics, and data science.
Python Programming Language: A versatile language commonly used in machine learning and data analysis.
This stack is optimized for running on CPU and is built with the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) and MKL-DNN libraries, which enhance computational performance. Additionally, it includes a Development preset, providing essential program development and building tools like a C compiler and make, simplifying software development processes.

Overall, this stack offers a convenient and optimized environment for machine learning and data science tasks, particularly when running on CPU.