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This is a and fully integrated minimal runtime environment that bundles PyTorch, an open-source Python library for machine learning, along with Jupyter Notebook, a web-based interactive platform for coding, mathematics, and data science, all powered by Python. This environment is optimized for efficient execution on NVidia GPU hardware.

In addition, this stack includes essential components to harness the full potential of NVidia GPUs:

CUDA: This platform and API model enable parallel computing, making the most of NVidia GPUs for accelerated computation.

cuDNN: A GPU-accelerated library designed for deep neural networks, enhancing the speed and efficiency of machine learning tasks.

NVidia Drivers: The stack includes the necessary NVidia drivers for seamless compatibility with NVidia GPUs.

Moreover, it provides a Development preset containing essential tools for software development, including a C compiler and make, streamlining the process of coding and building applications.