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“aiMobile is designed to enhance the speed of mobile applications and mobile websites while also providing protection against denial-of-service attacks.

To address slow mobile site performance, aiMobile employs advanced dynamic caching, significantly boosting site capacity by up to 10 times to handle peak demand. Device-specific caching categorizes devices based on form factor, screen size, resolution, or operating system, and serves cached content to all devices within the same category. This approach is much faster than regenerating each request individually, reducing the load on web, CMS, and database servers.

Furthermore, aiMobile enables the standardization of URL structures across both desktop and mobile environments through dynamic URL rewriting. This eliminates naming conflicts between mobile and desktop interfaces.

In terms of security, aiMobile safeguards your application from Denial of Service and other web-based attacks by pre-processing all HTTP traffic and isolating vulnerable components at the network layer. It automates the detection and mitigation of Denial of Service (DoS & DDOS) attacks while providing comprehensive reporting to help you counter attacks effectively.

Importantly, aiMobile can be seamlessly implemented without requiring changes to the architecture or programming of your mobile application.”