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“This is a repackaged open-source software product with additional charges for supplementary services.

Aerospike Database is a flash memory and in-memory open-source distributed key-value NoSQL database management system.

What advantages does the Aerospike deployment offer over the standard Aerospike Community Edition?

Dashboard Management: With our CLI and Dashboard, you can seamlessly manage your Aerospike application. From configuring your custom domain to monitoring your Aerospike instance, our tools provide comprehensive control over Aerospike.

Instant Deployment: Our solution for deploying Aerospike takes less than 5 minutes. Witness the simplicity in the attached video.

Advanced Security Measures: We enhance Aerospike security with best practices, built-in SSL, secure access, and guidelines for routine image updates. This ensures top-tier protection through regular scans and updates, enhancing application safety.

Enhanced Support (optional): Aerospike deployment through our service includes affordable, high-quality support, cloud integration assistance, and expert community input as an optional, cost-effective service.”