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SoftEther VPN goes beyond being just an alternative to existing VPN servers like OpenVPN, IPsec, and MS-SSTP. It features its own robust SSL-VPN protocol designed to effectively bypass various firewall types. SoftEther VPN’s SSL-VPN Protocol is optimized for high throughput, minimal latency, and exceptional firewall resistance.

Its resilience against firewalls has been significantly improved, with built-in NAT-traversal that effortlessly navigates through even the most restrictive firewall setups.

SoftEther VPN offers flexibility in setting up a VPN server within your company, whether it’s behind a firewall or NAT. This allows you to access the corporate private network from your home or mobile location without requiring any adjustments to firewall settings.

SoftEther VPN cleverly disguises its transport packets using Ethernet over HTTPS, making them indistinguishable as a VPN tunnel to deep-packet inspection firewalls.

This specially and fortified AWS Marketplace Image comes with a ready-to-use SoftEther VPN Server, along with additional features like an expanded DHCP pool and VPN Server configuration backup capabilities.