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“Employ Azure AD Connect in conjunction with ADFS to establish single sign-on capabilities for Office 365 users. This can be accomplished through various methods, including password hash synchronization, pass-through authentication, federation with AD FS, or federation with PingFederate.

Azure AD Connect offers flexible filtering options for selective synchronization, enabling you to choose what to sync based on domains, OUs, or specific attributes.

Password hash synchronization ensures that the password hash in Active Directory stays in sync with Azure AD. This allows users to use the same password for both on-premises and cloud access, with password management centralized in one location. Since it relies on your on-premises Active Directory or AWS AD as the governing authority, you can enforce your own password policy.

Password writeback empowers users to change and reset their passwords in the cloud while adhering to your on-premises password policy.

Device writeback facilitates the registration of Azure AD-registered devices, which can then be synchronized back to the on-premises Active Directory for conditional access.

The ‘prevent accidental deletes’ feature, enabled by default, acts as a safeguard for your cloud directory against mass deletions. It provides the flexibility to adjust the maximum number of allowed deletes per run to align with your organization’s size and requirements.”