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“Active Directory (AD) is a directory service developed by Microsoft primarily designed for Windows domain networks. It plays a crucial role in authenticating and authorizing all users and computers within a Windows domain network. This includes the assignment and enforcement of security policies for all computers, as well as software installation and updates.

The Active Directory Domain Controller encompasses several key components:

Schema: This component comprises a set of rules defining the classes of objects and attributes within the directory. It also specifies constraints, limits on object instances, and naming conventions.

Global Catalog: The global catalog contains comprehensive information about every object within the directory, ensuring efficient access to directory data.

Query and Index Mechanism: Active Directory features a query and indexing system that enables the publication and discovery of objects and their properties by network users and applications.

Replication Service: The replication service facilitates the distribution of directory data across a network, ensuring consistency and availability.

Active Directory is an essential component for any network operating on Windows, and we offer a fully cloud-compatible AD Domain Controller for Windows 2016 Image that is hardened and ready to run seamlessly in AWS environments.”