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Amazon Linux 2 AMI for AWS Snow Family

Amazon Linux 2 for AWS Snow Family is a Linux image that has undergone rigorous testing and optimization for compatibility with AWS Snow Family devices, including Snowball Edge and Snowcone. To include Amazon Linux 2 on your Snow device, follow these steps: first, create an EC2 instance using this marketplace product. Once the instance is up and running, you can install any desired applications or data on it and then save it as an AMI (Amazon Machine Image). Subsequently, when you create a job for a Snow device, you can select the previously saved AMI. For more detailed information, please consult the Snow Family documentation in the Additional Resources section below. It’s important to note that the EC2 pricing indicated here only applies to the duration during which you use the instance to create the AMI to be added to your Snow device. Using the Amazon Linux 2 AMI on the Snow device itself does not incur any extra charges beyond the standard fees associated with Snow device jobs and daily usage.

Amazon Linux 2 is an officially supported and continually maintained Linux image provided by Amazon Web Services, designed for use on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). It offers a dependable, secure, and high-performance execution environment. Amazon Web Services consistently delivers security updates and maintenance for all instances utilizing Amazon Linux 2 AMIs.

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