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AlmaLinux 8.6 with VirtualMin GPL migrated from CentOS 8

AlmaLinux OS stands as a Linux distribution developed by CloudLinux with the aim of offering a community-supported, production-grade enterprise operating system. Importantly, it maintains binary compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), effectively continuing the legacy of CentOS 8.

CentOS, originally derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, had been recognized for its exceptional stability since 2004. It was a widely adopted choice in data centers globally, mainly due to its extended Long Term Support (LTS) cycle, which guaranteed at least a decade of support.

However, the life cycle of CentOS was abruptly shortened to conclude in December 2021 following IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat. In response to this change, CloudLinux introduced AlmaLinux. AlmaLinux serves as a community-supported, production-grade enterprise Linux distribution, ensuring binary compatibility with RHEL and offering a prolonged support life cycle, extending for at least 10 years.

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