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AISE PyTorch 0.4.1 Python 2.7 CUDA 9.2 Notebook

This is a and fully integrated minimal runtime environment featuring PyTorch, an open-source machine learning library for Python, Jupyter Notebook for interactive programming, mathematics, and data science, and the Python programming language. This environment has been finely tuned for optimal performance when running on NVidia GPUs.

In addition to PyTorch and Jupyter Notebook, this stack includes the following essential components:

CUDA: This parallel computing platform and API model enables efficient GPU processing and acceleration of various computational tasks.

cuDNN: A GPU-accelerated library containing primitives specifically designed for deep neural networks, enhancing the performance of machine learning applications.

NVidia Drivers: The stack includes NVidia drivers, ensuring seamless compatibility with NVidia GPU hardware.

Moreover, the environment includes a Development preset with essential program development and building tools, including a C compiler and make, simplifying the software development and building processes.

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